Princess Taddampalik

In the past, there is a country that was named the country Luwu, located on the island of Sulawesi. Luwu country led by a king named La Busatana Datu Maongge, often called the King or the Datu Luwu. Because of his fair, wise and prudent, then its people prosper. Most of the work Luwu people are farmers and fishermen. Datu Luwu have a very beautiful girl, named Princess Tandampalik. Beauty and the behavior has been known to many people. Including the King of Bone is very far from Luwu residence.

Bone King wanted his son to marry Princess Tandampalik. He sent several emissaries to meet with Datu Luwu to apply Princess Tandampalik. Datu Luwu be undecided, because the cultures, a girl is not justified Luwu marry a boy from another country. However, if the proposal is rejected, he feared going to be war and it will make people suffer. Despite the severe consequences that will be accepted, Datu Lawu decided to accept the proposal. “Let me be condemned do not suffer from my people,” thought Datu Luwu.

A few days later the messenger came to the land of King Bone Luwu. They were very polite and friendly. There is no army or fleet accompaniment of war in the harbor, as predicted by Datu Luwu. Datu Luwu received the envoy warmly. When they express the intention of his arrival, Datu Luwu can not give answers to accept or reject such applications. Envoy of King Bone comprehend and understand the decision Luwu Datu. They went back to his country.

The next day, there was uproar in the country Luwu. Tandampalik daughter fell ill. Her whole body issued a viscous liquid that smelled rancid and very disgusting. The royal physicians said the Princess Tandampalik a dangerous infectious disease. News quickly spread. People afflicted with grief Luwu country. Datu Luwu they respect and Princess Tandampalik their loved ones are getting disaster. After much thought and pondered, Datu Luwu decided to alienate the child. Since many people will be infected if the Princess Tandampalik not exiled to other regions. The decision was elected Datu Luwu with a heavy heart. Princess Tandampalik not get discouraged or angry at his father. Then he went by boat with some of his loyal bodyguards. Before leaving, Datu Luwu provide a dagger at the Princess Tandampalik, as a sign that he has never forgotten let alone dump him.

After months of sailing aimlessly, eventually they found an island. Cool temperate island with trees that grow prolifically. A guard found the fruit Wajao when first set foot in that place. “This island Wajo I called the Island,” said Princess Tandampalik. Since then, Princess Tandampalik and his followers started a new life. They started with all its simplicity. They continue to work hard, full of enthusiasm and joy.

One day Princess Tandampalik sitting on the edge of the lake. Suddenly a white bull to him. Albino buffalo was licking it gently. Initially, Princess Tandampalik want him out. But the animals seem tame, and kept licking it. Finally he let stand alone. Miraculous! After repeatedly licked, watery wound in the body of Princess Tandampalik disappear without a trace. Her skin was smooth and clean again as before. Princess Tandampalik moved and grateful to God, the disease has been cured. “From now on I want you to do not to slaughter or eat buffalo Caucasians, because the animals have been made better,” said Princess Tandampalik on his bodyguards. Princess Tandampalik request was immediately fulfilled by everyone on the island Wajo until now. Albino buffalo in the island Wajo allowed to live freely and breed.

In one night, Princess Tandampalik dreamed of a handsome young man. “What is your name and why the princess as beautiful as you could be in a place like this?” he asked gently. Then Princess Tandampalik tell you everything. “O youth, who you are and where you come from?” asked Princess Tandampalik. He did not answer but instead asked, “Princess Tandampalik will you be my wife?” Before Princess Tandampalik could answer, he awoke from his sleep. Princess Tandampalik feel the dream is a good sign for him.

Meanwhile, far away in Bone, Crown Royal Bone’re busy hunting. He was accompanied by Commander of Royal Anre Pguru Pakanranyeng Bone and several bodyguards. I was so much fun to hunt, the Crown Prince was not aware that he has been separated from the group and lost in the woods. The night wore on, the Crown Prince could not close her eyes. Animal noises keep her awake night and restless. In the distance, he saw a beam of light. He ventured to find out where that light. It turned out the light came from a village that is located very far away. Arriving there, the Crown Prince entered a house that appears empty. How shocked he was when he saw a pretty girl brewing water in the house. Beautiful girl is none other than Princess Tandampalik.

“Could there be an angel in a foreign place like this?” thought the son of the Crown. Feel someone is watching, Princess Tandampalik turned. The Princess stammered, “it seems he was the youth that exist in my dreams,” he thought. Then they both met. In a short time, both are already familiar. Tandampalik feel young daughter who is now in front of him was a fine young man who said his language. Although he was a future king, he was very polite and humble. Conversely, for the Crown Prince, Princess Tandampalik is a girl who gracefully but not arrogant. Beauty and the simple appearance makes the Crown Prince put his heart was amazed and slim.

After a few days stay in the village, the Crown Prince returned to his country because a lot of obligations that must be resolved at the Bone Palace. Since parting with Tandampalik Princess, the Prince’s memory is always fixed on that beautiful face. Crown Prince wanted to stay on the island Wajo. Teacher Anre Pakanyareng, Commander of the Kingdom War Bone participating Crown accompany the hunt, knowing what is perceived by the king’s son. Anre Pakanyareng Teachers often see Crown Prince linger on the edge of the lake. The teacher then Anre Pakanyareng immediately facing the King of Bone and told all the events they experienced on the island Wajo. “I propose to apply immediately Princess Tandampalik sire,” said Master Pakanyareng Anre. Bone King agreed and immediately sent a messenger to woo Princess Tandampalik.

When the envoys arrived on the island of King Bone Wajo, Princess Tandampalik indirectly accepting applications Crown Prince. He just gave keris Luwu given his father’s kingdom ketia he in exile. Princess Tandampalik said that if Kris was well received by Datu Luwu means the proposal is received. Crown Prince immediately set off to the Kingdom Luwu alone. Days journey undertaken by the Crown Prince with passion. After arriving in the Kingdom Luwu, recounted his meeting with Crown Prince and Princess Tandampalik submit it to the Datu’s keris Luwu.

Datu Luwu and empress are very happy to hear such good news. Datu Luwu felt the Crown Prince was a persistent young man, soft-spoken, polite and energetic.

So he accepted it with a sincere keris. Without delay, Datu Luwu and empress came to visit the island Wajo to meet with his son. Datu Luwu meeting her beloved only child and very touching. Datu Luwu has alienated his son feel guilty. But instead, Princess Tandampalik grateful for the people spared Luwu suffered from infectious diseases. Finally Princess Tandampalik married Crown Prince of Bone and held on the island Wajo. A few years later, the Crown Prince ascended the throne. He became king of the wise and prudent.

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